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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to cancel my holiday. How do I do it ?

We understand that customers need to occasionally cancel their holiday arrangements for a number of reasons. All cancellations must be made in writing prior to departure, either by e-mail to or by writing to Administration Dept., Marken Travel, 200 Main Street, Billinge, WIGAN. WN5 7PE.  tel:01744 893291

As soon as we receive notice that you wish to cancel we will contact our suppliers and advise them accordingly. Cancellation normally results in cancellation charges being levied by the tour operator and/or airline. Details of these cancellation charges can be found in the relevant Booking Conditions sent with your confirmation. The charges vary depending on the tour operator, airline and the cancellation date in relation to departure.  Before we cancel your reservation we will contact you, advising you of the relevant cost.

Cancellation charges can normally be recovered through travel insurance providing the reason for cancellation is covered by the policy. You are advised to check insurance policies carefully in relation to cancellation charges.

If you prefer to speak to a member of staff, please call us on 01744 893291 and we will be happy to discuss how best to proceed.

Do you charge a fee for credit card payments?

Every time we charge your credit card to take a payment the credit card company charges us a fee. Unfortunatley this means that we have to charge a credit card fee of 1.75% to cover the costs. This is added to your booking at payment stage.  Alternatively you can pay by debit card and we charge £1 on this type of card transaction.

Due to the way payments are made for low cost carriers you will have to pay credit card charges levied by the airline in addition to any charges made by us.

2. Are there any other fees I need to know about?

We operate a transparent pricing policy so that our customers are always aware of additional charges and fees levied by us or the airline/tour operator.

1. As a general rule you may be required to pay a TOD (Ticket On Departure) charge if you make a late or last-minute booking. This fee is charged by the airline.

2. For most flight only bookings we will include Airline Failure Insurance for which we make a charge of approx £5 per person.  This cover is not required when booking ATOL protected packages.  If however you book a low cost carrier or a similar product were a failure cover is not included, we will then contact you to offer you to option to add this service onto your booking.

3. Will I have to pay for meals?

It depends on the airline you're flying with, the class you're travelling in, the destination and a number of other factors.

Charter & Low Cost Carriers

If meals are not included they can generally be pre-booked, at extra cost, at the time of booking. If this is the case then you will be given the option to pre-book meals during the booking process. Most airlines sell light refreshments and snacks onboard during the flight. Drinks are almost always chargeable on charter and low cost carriers.

Scheduled Airlines

Depending on the route and duration of the flights, anything from a sandwich to hot meals may be provided. On most airlines, particularly when flying to long haul destinations, there is no additional charge for this service. Drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages) are normally available on a complementary basis although some airlines charge on certain routes.

We will always make you aware of any and all charges that form part of your booking before you confirm anything. If you need to discuss a charge or require any further information you can call us on 01744 893291.

What happens if I don't pay my balance ?

If you have paid a deposit for your booking but don't pay the balance on or before the balance due date then we will contact you to collect payment. If we are unable to contact you and/or you fail to pay the balance when asked then your booking will be cancelled automatically. If this happens your deposit is no refundable and you may also be liable for additional cancellation charges depending on the effective cancellation date. We will write to you to advise the charges levied as necessary.  The charges are applied by the Tour Operator and are out of our control.

If you know that are not going to be able to pay the balance when it is due then please call us on 01744 893291 to discuss the situation.

What is my baggage allowance ?

Each airline/tour operator has their own baggage allowance. Hold Baggage may be added to any package holiday booking on the options page during the booking process.

Most charter and low-cost airlines now charge for every piece of baggage you check in to the hold of the aircraft. Full information is provided at the time of booking.

Most airlines/tour operators allow the carriage of pushchairs and other items but they may make a charge for them.

All airlines are able to carry wheelchairs, both manual and electric, although it may not be possible to use your own wheelchair onboard an aircraft due to the width of the aisle. If you think you or any member of your party may require special assistance or if you have any questions relating to the carriage of mobility aids, please call us on 01744 893291 and we will be happy to help.

Can I take my wheelchair on holiday with me?This is not normally a problem although policies do vary depending on the airline/tour operator.  Please advise us at the time of booking and will be forward all the information over to the relevant Operator for final confirmation of carriage.

If you think that you or any member of your party may require special assistance or if you have any questions regarding the carriage or availability of mobility aids please call us on 01744 893291 discuss this in more detail.

We will gladly make all necessary arrangements with airlines and tour operators on your behalf to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

What can I and What can I not to pack in my luggage ?

Items not permitted in aircraft hand or hold luggage. The following dangerous articles are not permitted in cabin or hold baggage of most airlines: 

Gas Cylinders

Deeply refrigerated flammable, non-flammable, and poisonous gases such as butane, oxygen, propane, and aqualung cylinders. Includes butane gas (e.g. for use with heated hair appliances) camping gas, and chef's blow torches.

Flammable Liquids and Solids
Such as lighter or heater fuels, paint, and matches (except one box of matches or one cigarette lighter as provided below). Cigarette lighters are not permitted on any flights to the USA.

Poisons; Such as insecticides, weed killers, arsenic, and cyanide.

Radioactive Material, Oxidising Materials and Organic Peroxides: Such as bleaches and fibreglass repair kits.

Firearms and Explosives : Handguns, automatic weapons, munitions, ammunitions including blank cartridges, pistol caps, fireworks, flares, smoke canisters and crackers. Note: As an exception, sporting guns and ammunition may be permitted in hold baggage. For more information please contact us on 01744 893291.

Hypodermic Needles : Unless supported by medical evidence.

Infectious Substances : Such as bacteria and viruses.

Corrosives :   Such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries.

You must not include in checked baggage fragile or perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware, computers, electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.

Some liquids (e.g. gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and other liquid-based items) are now allowed through airport security check points. The following restrictions apply to the quantity of liquids:

Liquids may only be carried in containers no greater than 100ml.
These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag must be sealed.  Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids. The bag must be presented for examination.  Liquids that can not be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into the hold luggage and checked in.  

Please note 'Liquids' include:

- All drinks, including water, soup, syrups

- Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, lip gloss or lip balms, mascara etc.

- Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants

- Pastes, including toothpastes

- Gels, including hair and shower gel

- Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

What are my hand luggage dimensions ?

As a general rule, due to space restrictions onboard the aircraft, passengers are only permitted to carry one item of hand luggage that must be no bigger than 55cm x 45cm x 20cm. Some airlines/tour operators have different rules and we will advise you of these as necessary.

How do I complain ?

I'm unhappy about something. How do I complain?
We work very hard to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience both before, during and after your holiday. However, we know that things can and do go wrong sometimes and we have a very proactive policy when this happens.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service before you travel then simply call us on 01744 893291 and speak to a member of the team who will be happy to help put things right. All our team members have authority to deal with complaints individually in whatever way they feel appropriate.

If you have a complaint whilst on holiday then you must raise it with your tour operator's representative. Or in the case of a DIY package, call the emergency number provided with your final documents.

If you return from holiday and have a complaint about anything then feel free to call us on 01744 893291 to tell us about it. If you would like us to take up your complaint with an airline/tour operator then you must put it in writing to us or email  (You should do this within 21 days of your return)

We will confirm receipt of your complaint and keep you updated on communications from the airline/tour operator involved. 

Confirmations / Invoices 

A confirmation will be emailed to you within 24/48 hours of booking. If you do not receive an email then please call 01744 893291 for another copy.  This will be followed by your Tour Operators invoice.

When will I get my tickets?  Tickets will be sent approx 10-14 days prior to departure

 For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check